10 packages, every flutter developer must know about

(1) Dio

Dio is really strong and powerful http client library which is used for downloading files, handling errors, post requests and get requests. It can save you from handling http requests and http errors pain. It is lot easier than using HTTP client and wiring up the code.

(2) Shimmer

Your UI may be dependent on async data and you may using loading widget for that. But using shimmer is always the best way of showing async wait for data on the UI.

(3) Screenshot

This library is very useful when you need to save image format of your widget in the gallery. You can use this to save image of docs, winning status images to share on social media or may be using to college the images.

(4) Tutorial_Coach_Mark

If you are developing an app where you need to guide the user about buttons or actions. Or you want to show a tutorial of your app so they know the app more clearly and easy to get started with.

(5) Local_auth

Make your app more secure with this package. This can be used for authenticating users in the app with biometric: fingerprint and Face.
You must add this feature into your app as optional if your app is chat app, social app or some confidential data storing app. It can increase user’s trust towards the app.

(6) Timeago

This package can save you from lot of pain. This library is used for showing fuzzy timestamps. If you are showing time information about a user that he/she was online moment ago, minute ago, hour ago or may be yesterday. Same can be used for showing the history of any posts in your social app.

(7) Flutter_launcher_icons

Flutter launcher icons is very good and helping library when it comes to setting icon for app (IOS & android) . Without setting icons manually for each platform you can use this library to set icons for both platforms for your app.
It saves time from navigating into the folder for icons.

(8) Auto_Size_Text

Sometimes widgets are smaller and they are responsive and you want the text inside the widget also responsive, then use this package. It has different formats to auto size the text. You can choose the one that suits your widget best. It will avoid the overflow error.

(9) Android_Intent

We can share data from our app to other apps but what if we need data to be shared in our app? This library can help us in the situation where we can make other apps that are already shares outside the app, share in to our app.
This plugin is working for android only.

(10) Hive

Use hive as your app’s local database, if your app is not using strong queries. Hive is very fast to read and write data. If your app is using shared_preferences then you must replace it with hive for a great performance.

I hope at least one of the above packages will help you in your projects or at least you came to know about it. Please follow me for more weekend flutter blogs. Thanks.




Flutter developer & Instructor

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Naveed Ullah

Naveed Ullah

Flutter developer & Instructor

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